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How much does it cost?

It depends on what kind of project. Every project is unique and our rate is designed to fit your specific need & requirement. In order for us to accurately estimate, please fill up the request quote page here and let us talk.

How long does an illustration take?

Turnaround time varies depending on how complex the illustration is.
Normally it take 1-2 weeks to do a one shot full colored illustration while children’s books may take many months. Simple illustrations may take shorter periods.
If your project requires a specific deadline please email us to discuss.

How soon Can you Start?

We can start ASAP if we can fit it into our schedule. We only accept projects we can accomodate to ensure we will give our full attention and will be able to meet your deadline.

How is your illustration created?

Our work always starts with hand drawn sketches that is provided in different versions.
Final art will be done digitally.
We exclusively use industry standard softwares like adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop.
Our process is here.

Can you copy an art style?

It depends if it is close to what we do. If you will browse our samples you can easily see our basic art style which is cartoony, comical, vector, textures, humorous and targeted towards kids, animals & wildlife. We also do occasional editorial illustrations.

Can you Do manga/japanese style?

No Sorry

Can you work for free?

No Sorry

DO YOU DO REvisions and changes?

Yes we are happy to do revision and changes during the sketch & concept stage. We will only finalize a sketch once it has been fully approved. Once the sketch has been colored and rendered we can only make color correction. But in case there has been a change in direction and the final art needs a major revision, we will charge accordingly.

Can you do a sketch first before I decide to hire you?

We don’t do spec work. However we can provide a sketch with a minimum charge.

What files will I receive and HOw do I get them?

We always provide your artwork in the following packages:
EPS vector art, high resolution PNG file, PSD file,1 web format jpeg and 1 high resolution jpeg.
All files will be provided in zip format and we will email you a link to download the files.


Our studio policy requires a non-refundable deposit before work starts.
Once your project has been booked we won’t be working on other jobs till we are done.
A deposit guarantees that your project will be getting our full attention to get the best results possible.

How do we pay?

We accept payments via paypal and bank transfers.

DO you have an office? Are you registered?

Yes we are registered. Our studio is online based and we have dedicated workstations . Wherever you are we can always reach you as long as there is an internet. With today’s technology nothing is impossible. We can skype, chat and talk via email. We prefer this method as all conversations are documented.

How can we reach you

If you’re in a hurry the best way to reach us a message via Viber (ecartoongrafix). You can also send us an email (ecartoonman@gmail.com) and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
We are also on social network and can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumblr.

Still have questions? Drop US a line. We ARE happy to talk.